Monday, December 23, 2013

Brasil WEEK 6

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Feliz Natal! :)
Today we had a big meeting with the entire mission for Christmas, It was so awesome! How very blessed we are to have Presidente e Sister Pinho leading our mission. Pres. Pinho bore the most powerful testimony/expressed his love for us- He said that we are his children, and he expects an invite to each of our marriages, children's baptisms, etc. He said that when we have our own children and they are baptized and TRULY CONVERTED, this is true success to him and Sis. Pinho. He also emphasized how real it is that the Lord chose each of us to be His representatives in this mission at this time. I felt the truth of this so strongly... I also felt this yesterday when 3 of our investigators were baptized!!!!! :) :) :) Wahoo!!! Luciano (the RS president's husband) was baptized before church, and after Queteria and her son Dennis were baptized- one of her other sons, Kelvin, was all ready to be baptized but at the last second he didnt do it because he has a fear of water (he is 9). But we are going to try again this Sat. :) I will attach a picture of them to this email- Words cannot even begin to describe the feelings that were felt seeing these children of our Loving Father entering the waters of baptism. I will tell all details when I skype you all this week!
This is what missionary work is all about, helping others come unto the Savior so that they can enjoy the fruits of living the His gospel. I love the Lord and know that every baptism that "we" have is not really ours, it's always HIS, the one who made all of this possible- the Salvation and Redemption of souls. How honored I feel this Christmas to not only remember my Savior, but to represent Him.
I love you all and will see and talk to you soon!!!! :) Tchau for now!
Sister Katie Thornhill

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