Monday, January 27, 2014

JANUARY 27TH, 2014

With all the changes that happened this week, one thing never changed- the joy I feel sharing the gospel each day!!!! I am loving my new area, Parelheiros, and hope to stay here for a while. It is so beautiful- lots of green!! It's not what you would picture the city of São Paulo being like at all really. This week was SO hot, but we also had a few huge rainstorms. I always love the rainstorms, it reminds me of NC. My new companion is Sister L. Silva! She is so great and how grateful I am to be serving with her! She is from Arcari (Northern Brasil) and has 11 months in the mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn from all her experience. She has been a member for only 4 years and is just wonderful. Her testimony is so sincere and like it says in PMG, sometimes people may question the things you say intellectually, but no one can question a sincere, heartfelt testimony. Our district leader is also great- our first district meeting with him, he asked for the names of each of our family members and sincerely cares. The bishop of the ward here is Bishop Brito and he is probably the most humble person I've ever met. I love the people I serve with, and I love the people I serve. And most of all, I love the Lord and I know His love for us is the greatest love of all!
Have a wonderful week and always remember your worth in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.
Sister Katie Thornhill

Saturday, January 25, 2014



Missão São Paulo Interlagos Rua Comendador Elias Zarzur, 365 
Santo Amaro São Paulo - SP 04736-000


I have little time today to write an email because my companion and I have to travel to the mission office. My companion is actually flying home today because of some personal issues. Hopefully I will have more time later today, but I don't think I will, so next week I really promise to write a good long email to all of you!

This week, well the last few weeks, has been different and somewhat challenging. We were serving in Santo Amaro for about a week waiting for our house to be ready in the new area. Now in the new area, we are starting from scratch- finding new investigators, getting to know the area (which is the biggest in the mission by the way haha- LOTS of walking here), getting to know the members,etc. This week we found lots of people who are interested in our message and I'm looking forward to teaching more lessons this week. I love teaching lessons- it's central to everything we do as missionaries. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for Preach My Gospel? It is SO inspired and helps, even guides us, in our teaching and striving to be better teachers and missionaries.
I will share a quick spiritual experience I had recently: We had a meeting this last week for all the sisters in the mission with President and Sister Pinho. It was so so wonderful! There are so many sisters here in our mission (and throughout the world!) It's really amazing and to me, it's a vision of how strong the women of the church are, and how very needed faithful, virtuous women are in our world today. I also loved how Pres. Pinho said that at the side of a great man is always a great woman. I hope to be this kind of a woman! How grateful I am for the many examples I have in my life who help me fulfill my potential as a daughter of God. Thank you!

I love you all so very much always. I love the Lord! This week is going to be full of hard work and miracles! :)
Sister Katie Thornhill


Transfers were this last week and I have been transferred to a new area!!! The area of Parelheiros! Its the same situation as last transfer- the area has never had sisters serving there before, but we have 4 elders there. AND the big news... I AM TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!!! I can't believe the Lord and Presidente Pinho have entrusted ME with this great responsibility. I feel so unqualified to do this, but I know the Lord is on my side always and as I seek to know and do His will, everything will work out just fine. He will qualify us as His servants as we do His work with our all (D&C section 4). I am really happy, (a little nervous), and excited for this next transfer!!!!! :)

I think you are right on- less active people feel uncertain about coming to church, and feel that no one notices that they're not there or that they have the capacity to contribute- But that is Satan's way only- to make us feel that we can't do things, and especially feeling that no one cares about us. We are children of God! We have always been, and will always be. Our potential is divine and eternal. (Psalms 82:6- I think that's the right scripture, about our being children of GOD.)

President Pinho said the following in his email to me this week:

Querida Sister Thornhill;
Thank you for all your hard work. I just want you to know that the Lord knows your heart and desires, knows your potential and He trusts in all you do. Now, I want you to enjoy your mission. Trust in your potential. You are a great missionary. I know that you are training and opening a new area, but, remember that the Lord calls only who he knows and trust. So, don´t be afraide, The Lord will qualify you, ok? Your are His servant and you are on his errand. You are great, so smile, just your best, and He will bless you. Have fun.... This is a great expereience and it will make you a much better person, and I am here to help you. ok?

In my mind, this is what the Lord says to each one of us in our strivings to serve Him:

"Thank you for all your hard work. I want you to know that I know your heart and desires, I know your potential and trust in all that you do. Now, I want you to enjoy your life. Trust in your potential. You are a child of God. (You are a great mother, wife, husband, son, visiting teacher, home teacher etc). I know that you are doing and experiencing many hard things, but, remember that I have called you, because I know and trust YOU. So, don't be afraid; I will qualify you to do my work. You are my servant, and you are on my errand. You are great, so smile, just be your best, and I will bless you. This is a great experience in your life and it will make you a better person, and you will experience greater happiness than you can ever imagine. I am here always."


How very grateful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that the gospel is perfect. Our Father has provided the perfect plan for us- He sent His perfect Son to atone for us so that we could have "peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come." I love the Lord and how grateful I am for His life, example, and especially for His atoning sacrifice for us.

Sister Katie Thornhill