Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 21, 2014

Well, you'll never believe it, I am serving again in the Guarapiranga stake (my first area), very close to where I served my first transfer here in Brasil (ward Chacara Santana). The ward I am serving in now is Ranieri- Its going great! A part of me feels I have returned home! Serving in Chacara my first area in Brazil was really special and I learned so many things here serving with Sister Hamburgo that have helped me on my mission. I do admit though, I am missing Parelheiros (!!!!!). The Lord really blessed me by sending me to serve there, and with the people that I served with. I loooved serving in Parelheiros. I can't really explain it, but serving there was just so special. But, here I am and I am sooo excited to continue serving the Lord. I had a dream recently (nightmare really, haha) that I was in the car driving home from the Salt Lake Airport and everyone was telling me how happy they were I was home, but I just cried. haha A lot. In the dream, the ONLY thing I wanted to do was missionary work- get out of the car, make contacts with people, teach people the gospel, etc... but I couldn't because I no longer had the authority to do so. Yes, every member a missionary- but only full-time missionaries have the authority and power to teach the missionary lessons, extend commitment invitations, preparing people to be baptized and confirmed. The time of my mission really is short- and the time of my mission is now. I am so happy!!!

My new companion is Sister Evaristo, from Lima, Peru! My first non-Brasilian companion. This is her second transfer out in the field and she is so great. She is the sweetest, a little shy, but has a firm testimony of the things she teaches. Many times when we are teaching, she says in Portuguese with her very thick Spanish accent-"I would like to bear my testimony.." and bears her testimony in the most sincere and loving way. I learn different things from each companion (and I would hope they learn something from me too.. haha)- With Sister Evaristo, I am learning to be more loving and patient. There is so much to be learned from others. It is such a blessing we each can have in our lives when we reach out to get to know, love and serve others. I loved what Elder Boyd K. Packer said in this last conference: "There are things that cannot be taught, but can be learned." These things are eternal things. And these things are the only things that really matter in our lives.

I love you all so much and pray for you all everyday!
Love, Sister Thornhill

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