Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dearest Family,

I hope you are doing wonderfully! It sounds like it! I have to say this in every email because I mean it every email- Thank you for your love and support!!!

There is lots to say, as always! Things are going great! In fact, this is the best thing I have every done. I know I've said this before, but I truly TRULY can't imagine my life without this experience. I know that for ME, this was always the Lord's will. And this is the exact right time for me to be here. And Brazil is where I am to go! And he also has planned for me to serve elsewhere for the time being- We will receive our reassignments next week! And one thing that I didn't know before this week is that those mission reassignments go through the same process as my first mission call to Brazil- The Brethren review it, and receive the revelation as to where the Lord would have me go. I love that, and it makes me think about how we can receive revelation as to anywhere we go in our life. That is how we successfully make it through this life, by counseling with the Lord in all our doings, and He will direct our paths, for good! (See Alma 37:37)- I actually memorized this in portuguese. "Aconselha-te com O Senhor em tudos que fizeres e Ele dirigir-te-a por o bem" (I think that's right:) It's true!

Well, all of our investigators are doing well and each of them are progressing- It's the best feeling to have as missionaries, to see PROGRESSION. I have a feeling that our Heavenly Father feels the same way as He sees us progress, as we continually come unto His Son Jesus Christ throughout our lives. I gain a greater appreciation for His Gospel everyday, and this is something that should happen everyday for the rest of my life. I knew "feasting upon His words" was important before this mission, but I now realize the necessity of it in my life. Every person on the earth would do well to come closer unto Christ in some way, each and every day. I challenge you this week to ponder about your personal strivings to come unto Christ everyday- How could you improve? What things are going good? One of my goals this next week is to, at the end of the day before bed, sit down and ask myself, How have I come closer to Christ today?

Lots of exciting things are happening as far as missionary work goes. As I have studied and applied the things in Preach My Gospel, I realize how much of a blessing it is! This past Sunday, Elder Merrill J. Bateman spoke to us about the power of the Spirit in our lives as missionaries. It was amazing! He mentioned how the times have changed, and this is evident with the coming forth of Preach My Gospel. Rather than memorization and reciting lessons to people like they have done in the past (which was the Lord's will for that time), missionaries are now instructed to teach by the Spirit alone if needed- Teach according to a person's needs. Missionary work has always been needed throughout the world, but these are the final days in which the world is becoming increasingly more wicked and in need of the Savior.

I love the Holy Ghost. There is not a more glorious feeling one can have than the feeling of being filled with the Holy Ghost, especially when sharing the Lord's Gospel. In Pregar Meu Evangelho, it says: "This gift is a foretaste of eternal joy and a promise of eternal life." Can you imagine how glorious that will be?? One thing I thought about this week in my personal study is that the Spirit is like a Spirit-filled home. Let me explain.. You know when you walk into the home of a righteous family and you immediately feel the Spirit that is there? There is power in this. And the same feeling occurs for my investigators- As they feel the Spirit bear witness that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, and that the His Gospel we teach is true, they feel this special peace- The Spirit can be a safe home for them, when they may not have one.

One last thing. I love music!!! Our first Sunday here Sister Robbins and I were called to be the music coordinators for our branch- I LOVE it! It brings back really great memories of when I was in charge of music for one of my wards- Yes, be jealous, it's one of the most fun callings- Even though I was terrible at directing our choir, I learned so much and was humbled and am grateful for that experience. Callings are blessings! When we fulfill them, we are blessed. When we magnify them, we see miracles. I have been pleasantly surprised at just how much music is a part of our everyday lives here in the MTC, and I hope to continue that throughout my mission. Oh, I love it. Music is a powerful way to bear testimony and to praise our Lord and Savior. One of my very favorite parts of the whole week is watching "Music and the Spoken Word" on Sundays before Relief Society- Okay, and Relief Society is one of my very favorite things too. :) I love everything. I love life!

I love you all very very much. I pray for you and feel blessed to have you forever. Watch for me on Saturday! (I will be wearing bright pink) I will be singing in the General Relief Society Meeting at the Conference Center in Salt Lake! The first song we will sing is really neat- Just know that it was requested by the general relief society presidency to put these two songs together (I won't tell you which ones..) and the result is really beautiful. When we first rehearsed it, I couldn't even sing because of how teary I was. :)

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Katie Thornhill

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