Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Oi familia! Tudo bem!

I am halfway done with my time here at the MTC, I can't believe it! Everything is going great- More than great! I am really happy. Never once have I been sad, it's amazing! I can't describe how normal it feels for me to be here. I love love love being a missionary! In the past three weeks, I have learned so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ- My testimony of it grows and is strengthened every single day. It is truly amazing. How did I get so lucky??

Like always, I don't have much time so this week I want to tell you more about my district and about life here in the MTC! It's awesome! We, by far, have the most fun district here I believe. :) We are like family to each other and have grown so close together. Although we have each taken turns this week being a bit sick, we still press on, work hard and feel the Spirit of the Lord's work together. Last night, Irmao Buttars taught us an entire class in Portuguese- From now on, it's all Portuguese, even in conversations outside of the classroom. The miracle of it all- I (and everyone else in our district) understood everything. By the end, one of the Elders said, "You all know that was all in Portuguese, right?" It was then that we realized what a miracle it was. We didn't even have to think during class, we just understood. I love the Portuguese language and although it's nowhere near being perfect, I know it will come. One thing I think has helped me a lot is not focusing on the language, and focusing more on the learning the language of the Spirit. That's where the power in our ministering and teaching comes from. The gift of the Holy Ghost is such a glorious gift and I have been blessed very personally by it during my time thus far as a missionary.

Let me tell you more about my companion, Sister Robbins. I love her! I am very blessed to have her by my side here. We've grown so much together, and have grown so close to each other. Some of my favorite things about Sister Robbins: She is a great friend who always looks on the bright side. She is really spunky and is just fun. She is good for me because she is more relaxed and not the perfectionist that I am so it balances out- She keeps me less stressed. In fact, I haven't felt a lot of stress and I think a lot of that is because of her. She has an amazing testimony and is confident in her teaching. She always has a "get it done and don't worry about it" attitude. Anyways, I love her and wish you could meet her!

This last week we had our first experience teaching in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center)- It's where volunteers come to the MTC, members, to be taught by us, the missionaries. We taught two 20-minute lessons. Going into it, we were a little nervous because like I mentioned before, the language isn't perfect; and we didn't know what these members need to be taught because we've never met them before. So you really have to listen to the Spirit. One of our lessons in particular was so awesome. We felt impressed to teach this sister about how the gospel can not only bless, but protect your family in this wicked world. As we taught her, it was obvious this sister felt the Spirit and we knew by the Spirit that this was exactly what she needed to hear. It is an experience I will never forget.

I want to close with a short testimony that I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church of Jesus Christ himself, restored to its fulness. He is at the head of it, and directs it through modern day prophets and apostles. How blessed we are, and we should never forget the magnitude and eternal significance of this blessing. This week I have thought a lot about the significance of the Book of Mormon in conversion. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And I know that through the Book of Mormon, we can know of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer, and that this truly is His Church.

I love you all so much! And pray for you everyday!


Sister Katie Thornhill


The picture from left to right: Sister Robbins, (Me), Sister Baird, and Sister Ostvig

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