Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mesa, AZ Week 2

Hellooooo! :)
Life is so good. I'm "living the dream!" I love it, I love life and I love missionary work. Yesterday Sister Sallstrom and I had the opportunity to speak in one of our wards (we serve in two wards here in Mesa- This means about 7-8 hours at church every Sunday and it's awesome). I spoke about the necessity for each of us to experience the Atonement in our lives, and how this leads to a greater desire to invite others to come unto Christ (missionary work!). There is greater power in teaching the gospel to others when you yourself have experienced the blessings of the gospel, and most importantly the Atonement. And the only way that we can experience the blessings of the gospel, is by living it! This week I learned (among the many many things I learned) how essential it is for investigators to keep commitments. Because by keeping commitments, they allow themselves to experience the blessings of the gospel in one way or another, and ultimately come closer to Christ in the process. A sincere heart and humility invites the Spirit into our lives, and into the strengthening of our personal testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am really sorry for this week- I know this email is super short, but just know that I'm doing great, I'm happy, and praying for you all. Someone said to us this week: "Success is not measured in numbers--It's measured by your spirit, love, and dedication."

I love you,
Love,  Sister Thornhill

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