Monday, June 30, 2014

June 16, 2014

Querida família,

As you all know, the world cup has begun here in Brazil and everyone is excited to say the least. The roads are painted, brasil flags everywhere, etc. The days that Brasil play, we have to stay at home all day because of all the craziness/bagunça going on. In other words, the world cup is really fun for everyone except for missionaries haha. Because of this, next week I will be emailing on TUESDAY, not Monday. So if you dont receive an email on Monday, don't panic. :)

This week the Lord blessed us with finding several new people to teach and prepare to be baptized. I am continually reminded on my mission that the Lord fulfills His promises to us. Sometimes in life we work so hard to do good and don't immediately see the fruits of our labor. But if we just keep pressing forward doing what we know to be right (the Lord's will, and not our own), we will soon see the many fruits the Lord has prepared- but it is only through our diligence and faith that this blessing will be granted unto us. 2 Nephi 10:17- "For I will fulfil my promises which I have made unto the children of men.." If you are not seeing things happen yet, just hold on to the faith and hope you have in the Lord's promises and "everything will work out!" as President Hinckley says.

It was transfers this last week and I stayed here in Ranieri with Sister Evaristo. I am really happy because I absolutely love this ward and the work here is going great. This week Bruno, the son of Nilva who was recently baptized, will be baptized. He is 9 years old, is so sweet, and is deaf. We watched the restoration DVD with him in sign language the other day and as we did so I felt the Spirit stronger than any other time watching that DVD. It was Bruno's first time at church yesterday and he LOVED it. I think Nilva waited so long to bring him to church because she was nervous about how it would be. But after reassuring her and getting the members more involved, she felt comfortable enough to finally bring Bruno and Amanda (her 5 year old daughter). I am so amazed at Nilva's progress in the gospel after her baptism. How grateful I am for the Lord's continual guidance in teaching and strengthening Nilva according to her needs, through the members serving her, through the scriptures, answering her prayers, comforting her, etc. We have been giving Nilva ensign magazines and she reads them cover to cover in between our visits. She is amazing. The gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and provides us true peace, joy, and happiness. We have a member who sends Nilva a text message every day. Another member has been visiting her weekly. And yesterday at church is was so wonderful seeing the members working together to help Nilva's family have a positive and spiritual experience.

We are also teaching... the hulk. :) It's true. Michel, the body builder friend of a member. He may look scary but really he loved church yesterday and is working towards receiving the answer from God that His church has been restored. Yesterday the elders in our ward (the zone leaders- Elder Barker and Elder Dudley--yes we three served together in Parelheiros, crazy) The elders asked if they could teach and baptize him- we said No! haha He's ours. :) Speaking of the elders, we have a great zone and district. We are so blessed! I learn a lot from the many different elders and sisters I serve with.

I am really happy as always, and love you very much! Thanks for all the prayers, packages, emails... I love you!!!

Sister Thornhill

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