Thursday, October 9, 2014

August 25,2014

As we used to say on the BDC (ballroom dance company) before our last shows, "Last show, best show!" This week is Sister L. Silva's last week of her mission. "Last week, best week." :) We have high goals and great faith! Let me first share with a few miracles that have happened recently.

The Lord has blessed us SO much just in these few weeks in seeing the conversions and now baptisms of Daisy and Marlene, two of our investigators. Both miracles. Daisy just showed up at church last Sunday with a brother in the ward thats a friend of hers- As soon as she walked in the door, she couldn't hold back the tears. Words can't express how special this Sunday was experiencing this with her! SO special. As we got to know her, she told us that she has already read the Book of Mormon, and she said that every time she reads, she feels the Spirit so strongly. THAT is the spiritual power of the Book of Mormon. She had never been to church, never taught by missionaries, only read the Book of Mormon- and felt the Spirit! And that same Spirit, now just another testament of the truth to her, she felt walking into the doors of the Church of Jesus Christ. She will be baptized this Sunday.
And then there's Marlene. She has been taught by the missionaries for many months, has read the Book of Mormon as well, but never made it to church. But finally with the help of a member in the ward, she came yesterday! Just one special Sunday after another another. She felt the Spirit so strongly!!!! Of course she did. As I greeted her and hugged her, the only thing she said to me was, "Podemos marcar meu batismo??" And me, "Of course!" :) She will be baptized this Sunday as well.

I learned from these two special Sunday experiences the difference it makes when an investigator is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Yes, people can feel the Spirit and have a great experience at church. But I testify that their experience will be SO much more SPIRITUAL if The Book of Mormon is truly an active part of their conversion. And we as missionaries have a responsibility to help make this happen!

I love the Lord. I know we are His missionaries.
Love, Sister Thornhill

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