Thursday, October 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Dearest family,

As always, happy as ever. My companion is happy, I am happy, our investigators that are progressing are happy- everyone is happy! The only one who isnt happy is Satan. Our president said that he thinks that Satan has an army of his own who He sends to try to destroy the work we are doing. And President said, "I believe he's getting a little discouraged because they are just not getting through here in the Interlagos mission! He is having to send them elsewhere, because here its not going to happen." The transfer meeting was SO fun and funny this week. The assistants and President announced the changes of companionships, leadership, etc as if it was the beginning of a sports game, announcing the players haha, with music and everything. It was so funny. I have learned so much about the importance of having a positive attitude and how that leads to success in every aspect of our life! And how could you not be happy, living the gospel of Jesus Christ! Its the only real happiness.

I'm short on time this week, sorry. I love you, and challenge every one to start now to hear the words of the Lord at general conference here in a few weeks.

Sister Thornhill

P.S. A funny experience that happened this week- My companion and I were on our way to a meeting and were literally PACKED into the train with all the early morning rush. Well when we got to our stop, we couldnt get out because of the MOB of people pushing, trying to get in- and we were trying to get out! Well then the guys that work there literally caught us by the hand and pulled us out. Welcome to São Paulo!

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